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Just press play and listen

god damn it it works.

it works, and that’s the greatest crime of all.

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what it means to be hispanic

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the situation

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How I almost ended up crying at 9am

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"just put me in the game it’ll be great"

God, this is so dumb, but I can’t be mad at it. What is this spell you’ve cast on me, Kojima?

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This looks cool. Click the x to see the movie trailer.

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Anonymous asked: How do you handle/explain the idea of encountering increasingly more powerful foes, even when it doesn't make much sense logically? For example, in the Critical Hit world, the palace guards, as well as the king and queen, were paragon-level in terms of combat strength. It seems like they could have handled the moon threat rather easily, almost trivially. Did they get stronger since then? Or is it just a "don't worry how the sausage is made" situation in a combat-oriented game?


We’ve gotten several iterations of this question and have been meaning to answer. If you’ll notice we haven’t done a mailbag episode in a long time. That’s largely due to scheduling conflicts so we’ve tried to cram more game into our sessions.

So I’ll talk about it here and probably again on the show. This is a long one, so take the jump to read more. I’ll throw in some gifs for your trouble.

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I had always wondered this myself, even being a DM but Rodrigo’s explanation is one that makes perfect sense.

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